From Hobby to Living Wage – Week Three – Become an Expert

Taking you writing from a hobby to a career is not just about knowing the right people in the right places – although that is a HUGE benefit. It is about being known for your knowing in certain areas. When people in the know think about Twitter – they think Mark Collier. When people in the know think publishing – they think Rachelle Gardner. When you think of a certain topic, someone or some company pops into your thoughts because they have become established as an expert in that field.

I am an expert.

I know everything – or at least I know everything about the little bit that I know. And I know more than you – or at least I know more about something than you know about something.

You are an expert.

Each person has a unique set of experiences, education, talent, and gifts that makes that person an expert in that area. But each person also has the ability and opportunity to go out to experience and learn more that will allow that expertise to expand and grow.

Building Your Expertise

– Share your passion. Find the things that you truly love and share those. I can have the information on a topic, but if I am not passionate about that topic I will not stand out in the crowd.

– Continue learning on the topic. I can be passionate about a topic, but that topic is changing and growing with or without me. It is only when I continue to expand my information and experience base that I can continue to stand above the rest of the crowd.

– Reach out to others. Visit other websites and groups that are talking about your passion (or near your passion). Comment, share, and connect – just for the sake of connecting. The more people see you around, the more you will begin to stand out in that area.

– Speak up and speak out. Offer to speak at events or to lead events that focus on your passion or that relate to that passion. The more you speak the more you will grow in confidence, knowledge, and recognition.

– Keep on going. Keep on connecting. Keep on sharing. Keep on connecting. Keep on speaking. The more that you do the more people will begin to think of you when they think of your passion topic.

Growing a writing career, blogging career, or any business IS a marathon. You have to keep building and stepping if you are going to get there. Developing a position as an expert can be a vital component to standing out in the crowded field, and it can provide you with another block for taking your hobby to a living wage.

Remember: You already know more about your passion than some other people and that makes you an expert.


Kathryn LangAbout the Author:
Kathryn Lang offers a phrase of hope through her columns, articles, books and workshops to shine the Light on the moment. Her personal hope is that every person who encounters her words will feel as if those words were written (or spoken) just for her. She speaks at women’s conferences, professional organizations and schools on finding purpose, being encouraged, pursuing writing, and growing relationships.
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RCB Spotlight: Kathryn Lang

Rocket City Bloggers is made up of a talented group of bloggers. We blog about fashion, food, politics, books, movies, kids…and more. Take a moment to get to know one of the members with this week’s RCB Spotlight.

The Blogger:

Words have power – and Kathryn seeks opportunities to use that power for the good, the positive, and the uplifting. “It is all about HOPE for me.” She looks for ways to instill a little hope in her radio shows, her speaking engagements, her books, and her articles. As a full-time writer, author, and speaker, Kathryn has been making the most of words for over a decade.

    “I write for people that are not afraid of Faith, who are seeking to grow in their unique purpose and path, and who recognize (yes, and even embrace) a little light hearted snark now and then.”
The Blog: Growing HOPE

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The Kathryn Lang website, Growing HOPE, shines a light on that need to share hope.

    “I write articles about whatever is going on around me. In a house of three home schooled boys – that can be a LOT.”

Kathryn has always been one to try and dig up a silver lining if one was not showing. She uses that ability to shine a little hope on everything from feeding the family, to dealing with a spouse, to wrestling with the day to day finances. “If you are willing to invest in the search, you will find some hope no matter what is going on around you.”

You can learn more about Kathryn by visiting the website. You can also sign up for the Monthly Moment of Hope newsletter HERE. If you need more hope and inspiration, Kathryn sends out a weekly column called Reflections straight to your email every Sunday. You can sign up for the Reflections email HERE

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From Hobby to Living Wage | Week Two – Get Known for Your Words

“Only about 1% – on average – of the people that see our words will move on to purchase your products.” I listened to the marketing expert share his wisdom and experience, or at least I tried. His words had kicked me so hard that I was stunned into a fog of dismay.

My goal to “take over the world” requires that I sell a minimum of 1000 products a month. That means that I have to get in front of 100,000 people each month –even more if I want to reach the top tier of my success design.

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